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Originally Posted by steelerjim58 View Post
What so many do not seem to get, is that with no other changes other than who is the qb, if you were to put either brady or Manning in this offense, they would either be sacked 60 plus times or would see their completeion percentage drop considerably due to how many times they would have to throw the ball away.
This ridiculous hypothetical never gets applied both ways. When you go on and on about Ben's two Super Bowls, you never mention he's had one of the most dominant defenses of all time. Yet of course, you'll use the situational excuses to downgrade those whom you want to downgrade. Selective logic at its best.

Clearly you didn't watch many of the Colts' games last year. They had an equally bad, if not worse, offensive line than Ben's. Which explains why they used their first 2 draft picks on offensive tackes.

Kerry Collins has already taken 5 sacks against teams not known for their front seven, putting him on pace for 40 on the season. Once the Colts start playing better defenses, the pace will surely increase, starting this week with the Steelers.

Manning, on the other hand, only took 16 sacks last year, despite having a lack-luster offensive line. He knows how to get rid of the damn ball!

In almost half as many seasons, Ben has already taken 50 more sacks than Manning. You think this is solely because he has a worse offensive line?

How about Tom Brady? During his record breaking season, he attempted 578 passes taking 21 sacks. The very next season, Matt Cassell, utilizing the same offensive line, took 47 sacks on 510 attempts. And Matt Cassell, by the way, is a half decent starting quarterback.

Instead of just arbitrarily and subjectively comparing situations to come to whatever conclusion you want, perhaps you should just look at the facts. Comparing how different quarterbacks handle the same situation, you should see the quarterback throwing the ball has a lot more to do with it than the offensive line protecting him.

Your arbitrary hypotheticals are ridiculous. If you really think Tom Brady wouldn't do better on the Steelers than Ben, then I'm glad you aren't running the Steelers.
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