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Default Re: offender fined for low hit on big bens knee

Originally Posted by solardave View Post
There's a difference in being blocked into the QB and falling,then lunging into him. Plus if you watch it again he wraps his arm around Ben's leg and twists him to the ground.
Shouldn't be a fine? BS. If Harrison did it I'd say it was a dumb move.(James, pay the fine) I said his hit on Massaqua (or however it is spelled) was deserving of a fine.

Ask yourself this. If that were Brady would Brock be fined? I say fined and possibly suspended.
No, it shouldn't be a fine, because it was not intentional that he hit his knee. a player is not going to stop trying on a play because he was tripped, which Gilbert did. Brock also did not twist ben's leg when he crashed into him, he merely just laed there, watch it again. When someone is tripped, you will fall forward.

And if that were Brady, I would make the same argument (which someone was fined for hitting queen Brady the same way this week).
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