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Default Baron Batch- Diary 34 (Rookie Duty and Twitter Rants)

complete "awesomeness". the best player blog going.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011
Diary 34 (Rookie Duty and Twitter Rants)
For 9 months I have been a drifter, traveling from place to place and jumping from hotel to hotel. I can thankfully say those days are behind me for the moment. For the first time in a while I am settled in one place. Recently I moved into my new apartment in Pittsburgh, and have unpacked my 3 duffle bags that have served as my faithful traveling companions. The life of an NFL rookie is by no means a glamorous one as ESPN sometimes portrays. For most rookies life consists of constant travel and even more constant uncertainty. In many ways the only certain thing is the uncertainty. With that being said, it feels good to finally be settled. It feels good to rest.

5 weeks have passed since my surgery and I’m feeling great. My knee is getting stronger each day and I have started doing lower body lifts like leg press. It will be about 2 more months before I can start running. I’m finally beginning to get back in a structured routine and it’s a welcomed change from my previous chaotic schedule. I’m learning a ton from the older guys and feel like I’m grasping the offense better each week that goes by.

However, I am not a huge fan of rookie duties. I guess it’s not too bad considering all the other guys went through the same thing at some point. Also when I take into consideration the stories I have heard about other rookies ‘rookie expenses’ it really makes me breathe a breath of relief. My ‘rookie duties’ really aren’t that bad at all. They consist of buying Popeye’s Chicken for all the other running backs the Saturday before every away game, and the breakfast of their choosing the Saturday before every home game. My most recent rookie task was to provide the running back room with snacks. Today I was given a list of different items and was told to stock up. The first thing on the list was “High powered Nerf guns (the automatic kind).” I can’t say I didn’t live out my childhood fantasy today at Target as I threw every delicious snack, variety of candy, and awesome high-powered Nerf gun in my basket.

As I walked through Target with my basket filled to the top with candy and Nerf guns, children gazed at me with awe as jealousy filled their little eyes and their parents stared in confusion. I strolled through Target with my basket full of ‘awesomeness’. A childhood fantasy had been fulfilled; it was like a dream come true. Once I saw the subtotal I woke up pretty quick though. I could hardly believe the amount that I had spent on candy and Nerf guns! I wanted to ask the cashier “Can I pay you in stride layers?”

I mean I guess candy and Nerf guns is a silly way to spend money, and I’m sure some of you are like “Oh Baron doesn’t know how to spend his money wisely”, Just like this financial twitter guru suggested to me after I tweeted about my Nerf gun/candy spree.

Well I guess Mr. Financial Twitter Guru could be right. Or maybe he’s not. Maybe there are worse things I could be spending my money on. Maybe I should name a few that are a tad worse than candy and high-powered Nerf guns. Hmmm….let me think. Ah! I got it.
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