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Default Re: Baron Batch- Diary 34 (Rookie Duty and Twitter Rants)

1.) Bling- for those of you that don’t know what ‘bling’ is let me explain. Bling is expensive jewelry that doesn’t really serve a purpose besides for shouting to other people “Hey look at me! I have money! Come rob me!”. Bling can come in the form of earrings, watches, chains, bracelets, and other bedazzled accessories. I do not own any bling and don’t plan on it. Unless I could get a bedazzled Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens (for my non photographer friends this would be equivalent to 50 Cents chain. To my photographer friends that don’t know who 50 Cent is. His chain is equivalent to a bedazzled Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens)

2.) Child support- I don’t think I need to go into detail about this one. I don’t have and nappy headed, ashy kneed, mini Barons running around. The only reason I bring up the ashy kneed and nappy-headed part is because that’s exactly what my future kids will be like.

3.) An Entourage- I don’t have an entourage, nor will I ever. I don’t need an entourage. I roll one deep and stay strapped with my canon (camera) and MacBook pro. I’m so hood that when Safari unexpectedly closes I don’t even report it to Apple. Snitches get stitches.

Ok I could keep going but I really don’t think I need to. I guess this was just a rant in response to Mr. Financial Twitter Guru. I sincerely hope you read this. I rarely rant in blog posts but every now and then it just comes out, and they always serve as a bit of comic relief to the seriousness on my blog. Mr. Financial Twitter Guru I hope that this post has enlightened you and helped you realize that all professional athletes don’t squander their money. I was actually one of the few collegiate athletes that managed to save and put money away while in college and didn’t complain about not getting paid.

However, I do understand your concern. I mean Nerf guns can get expensive and in all reality might even tempt me into to getting the real thing. On the streets they call Nerf guns ‘gateway weapons’ wait that’s not true at all.

My rant is over now.

Whew deep breaths!

Rant aside I just want to tell all of you how much I enjoy your support and encouraging emails, but above all your prayers! Please keep em coming. I appreciate all of you. God bless!
good stuff!
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