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Originally Posted by WickedSteel View Post
The O line was still one of the best in 05 and still better than the current version in 08. Add to the fact that the defense was 6 years younger in 05 and you can start to understand just what the hell I am talking about.
I remember a few games for that '08 team where I thought Ben's career would be ended. He got sacked 9 times against the Eagles that year and another 5 against the Giants (and if memory serves me he was under pressure that entire game). Boy, there were some threads just a few weeks back talking about how sh!tty Hartwig was, I think Stapleton made a better turnstile than right guard and Colon got 2-3 holding/false starts per game. The Ravens game, to me, was more about missed calls and bad schemes for the Steelers O-line and less about their talent ... which is good because those things can be fixed. You got your opinion, but I'll wait to see how this season plays out before I rank the 2011 O-line.
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