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Default Re: offender fined for low hit on big bens knee

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
attempting to hurt and injure is two things.

hurt = you might get your bell run but you can shake it off and get back in the game
injure = can't play for weeks, months, or season's over

when's the last time you seen james dive at someone's knees? he mans up and takes his target head-on. that's not cheap if someone gets injured by that, it just means they aren't tough enough to handle james

i never complain about head-on collisions, but diving at the knees doesn't sit well with me
I agree and let's take it one step further. Pay attention to James after a sack or tackle. Most of the time he'll extend a hand to help the opponent up or pat him on the back. He makes no bones about his territory and dishing out punishment but I also believe he has a lot of respect for his peers. Go back and watch Von Olhafen's reaction after he hit Palmer. He was visibly upset and immediately called for help. Looked to me like Brock didn't give a sh..t about whether or not he caused injury.
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