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Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
. I don't see a downside to it, I've seen first hand the benefits of it, I just don't see how NFL coaches don't see it. It would be different if Hood played bad last year and Heyward was a 6th round pick, but we got some guys behind our vets that can play, lets play them. I just really don't see how NFL coaches don't get it with so many things, but as a few mentioned before, maybe they are purposely holding the young guys back.
the downside is that the youngsters may not be ready to produce on an overall consistant basis and hold the fort down on the nfl's best defense for 60 minutes. they are more apt to be caught out of place and open a hole for a scoring play

also, NFL coaches are way to busy to keep up with the revolutionary, game altering dynamics taking place in the high school and college ranks every week.

that is why they are so far behind the learning curve.
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