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Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
if you throw 3 interceptions (and some really ugly Neil O'Donnell ones to boot) , fumble the ball away and basically turn it over 7 times, a lot in your own territory - you are going to make any team look great.

I am still cautiously optimistic and won't buy too much into a win over Seahawks though. I fully expect them to beat the Colts next week. Next best indicator is getting a win @Houston. Basically we better not get another loss before New England.

I'm still looking at 7-3 before the bye though. Something out of those Arizona, Tennessee, Jacksonville games stinks to me . . .

We'll see!
Oh man you had to throw Neil O'Donnell in there lol. I'm gunna go out on a limb here and say the next Steelers, Ravens game will be a lot closer (hopefully a Steelers win)

The win over the Seahawks was nice, hopefully the defense got some stuff worked out if not they better get it figured out after the Colts game, Houston is gunna be tough. 7-3 going into the bye would be pretty nice, but I'm going to be bold here and say they go 8-2 going into there bye, only loss coming from the Pats. I see the Texans, and Ravens being close ones but the Steelers coming out on top.
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