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Default Re: Rampage vs Jones

Originally Posted by Steel4ever95 View Post
I think Jones is a much more technical fighter than Rampage is, that being said I think Rampage turns this into a brawl which does not favor Jones at all, not to mention Jones really hasent taken any punishment in any of his fights, that should change tonight. I'm not a Jones hater by any means either, he is great to watch and could be the next Anderson Silva. I just think Rampage turns this into a fight, and will really push Jones and make him find out what he is made of.
actually rampage is one of the more technical strikers at 205. he usually waits for the opponent to open up and counter punches, he's not great at pushing the action. I've followed most of his fights from the PRIDE days, and majority of his knockout punches came from a counter punch. His boxing is very good, maybe one of the best at 205. He's struggled most with fighters that get him clinched up (shogun, rashad, forrest, wand fights 1&2 where he must have gotten hit by 50,000 knees) where he's not technically good in that department. Though he manages to get himself out of trouble in the clinch with brute strength more often than not.

Jones' game plan will probably be to clinch and push him against the cage or take him down. if this fight stays on the feet, i think rampage has the advantage. At some point in this fight, I think rampage will connect with a shot. If this happens we will learn a lot more about Bones. We don't even know if he can take a punch yet, but to his credit, he's been great at avoiding punishment
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