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Default Re: Keisel Injured

We are only 2 games in, but this season is starting off in such a bizarre manner.

1. Never saw that type of whoopin from Bmore comin
2. A general feeling of uneasiness regardless of any wins we rack up before New England and Baltimore. Even if we win all these games in a row before then, we'll then start talking about having another letdown after a string of wins and that we are destined to lose 1 of those 2 games for the simple reason we are not capable of winning against good teams this year
3. We can post a 12-4 record, win the division, get a #2 seed again (heck even #1) and we will still be uneasy - because if we have to face the Pats in the playoffs we have done nothing to give fans any confidence in our ability to beat a high-octane offense
4. We can make it to the Super Bowl, and if we have to play a team like Green Bay or New Orleans, we will be uneasy again. Grant it- we'll look to our SB XLV performance riddled with turnovers and still only losing by 6 as something to hang out hat on, BUT -
5. We won't be satisfied or feel better unless we exorcise our demons or get lucky with matchups against teams like Jets or Chargers and then someone like the Falcons or Eagles in SB.

Just a thought - but I feel like a series of events is leading us to an inevitable shedding of monkey off back by beating some teams we technically haven't been able to in past or we'll take our beatings again by those quick-strike QBs.

Phew - I've never felt so antsy about a season since 05-06 SB season - that was quite the roller coaster ride.
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