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Default Next weeks to-do list

-Bring the blitz! The steelers had a good defensive game in the First & Fourth quarter, and Harrison proved he's still the man to watch. If Woodley, Farrior and Timmons all step up as they normally do, this defense will be scary.

-Run the ball. The Steelers didn't run the ball with much success this game, and need to step up next week. I noticed that whenever the Steelers ran the ball two consecutive times, the second run was for a gain of at least 6. Maybe we need to run the ball consecutively more often, and use our other backs Mewelde and Isaac more often, they stepped up when they we're used.

-Protect the QB. Ben was comfortable early in the game, which allowed him to throw the ball effectively, and score points. After Ben's second fumble, which was no doubt the result of a missed block by Scott. Scott didn't even attempt to put a hand in the defenders face. After that fumble Ben was on edge for the remainder of the game. Give Ben a few seconds to throw it, and he'll put points on the board.

Good: Ben used Heath effectively this game. Heath was a major part of our SuperBowl team in 08, and he wasn't used much last year. Bring moose back!

Troy Polamalu was a mad man out there tonight. He was a nightmare for the opposing offense, and we need that from him on a weekly basis.

Ben was throwing very well out there. He only began to do less impressive shortly after the fumbles and mistakes. If our O-Line can step it up, Ben won't make mistakes, he'll make plays.

Bad: Mendenhall. Rashard is a great back, and when he gets a rhythm, he gets us yards. However. He makes too many moves before he gets to the line. He needs to run harder to the scrimmage and make moves once penetrating the gap. If there isn't a gap, make one.

I would list our offensive line, but you already know.
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