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Default Re: We have serious issues

Originally Posted by davidtrout View Post

The OL on the other hand. Wow, just wow. Before all the injuries it was sickening to watch. Now, I don't believe we have a capable starter other than Pouncey on the roster. I don't no what Scott's injury is, but if his leg fell off, he could have come back in and played just as well. That sack/fumble/td was 100% his fault and it wasn't even that he got beat, he looked as if he wasn't even trying. Made me want to vomit.

I've defended these guys, I know too many people exaggerate issues and whine and cry over things they don't even understand, but enough is enough. This OL will NOT work. It is not worthy of Steeler football and should not be acceptable to the FO, to the coaches, or to us. I don't blame Tomlin or Arians or Kugler, this is talent, pure and simple we severely lack talent.
I blame Tomlin and Kugler 100%. They evaluate and put people on this team and right now Legursky and Scott are getting mauled. It was their decision not to bring back Flozell and roll with a bum that Kugler was in love with from the Bills. It was also their choice to roll with Legursky when any fans knew that he didn't have the build to be a starter in the NFL.
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