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Default Re: We have serious issues

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
I blame Tomlin and Kugler 100%. They evaluate and put people on this team and right now Legursky and Scott are getting mauled. It was their decision not to bring back Flozell and roll with a bum that Kugler was in love with from the Bills. It was also their choice to roll with Legursky when any fans knew that he didn't have the build to be a starter in the NFL.
Blame them all you want, but as usual you are incorrect. They don't sign contracts or determine who to bring in, their job is to get the most out of the players they are given and I believe they are doing that. I have no problem with who they cut or who they are starting, because the alternatives weren't any better. My issue is with the overall talent pool from the day camp opened, up to now. Maybe the lockout has some culpability, but scouting and Colbert himself have to take the brunt of this issue.

The grass isn't any greener on the bench, they're all bad.
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