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Default Re: Collinsworth-less...Worse annoucer ever

Originally Posted by lambertlunaticfan View Post
Maybe its just me,but it seemed like chris has a little man crush on the colts freely and mathis.I mean he would'nt stop slurping all about them even as they were losing the game-I mean i get it, they are good,i mean noone can run around the ends and spin like tops like them.But come on,every play he was talking about them---wow...
Collinsworth actually had a lot of GOOD things to say about us when he had no reason to say any nice things at all. He had great things to say about Ben and Troy ALL GAME.

The way I see it, he's a color commentator, being paid big bucks to recognize and call the plays as they ly on the field. His comments were right on. Nothing out of the ordinary or things that spoke out of hatred by any means. Freeney and Mathis deserved all the BJ's they got from the booth.
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