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Default Re: Collinsworth-less...Worse annoucer ever

I'm usually an apologist for Collinsworth, as i don't think he's near as bad as some say. In fact, he's one of the best announcers, in the game.
But last night, i agree, he ventured into super-annoying territory. There was a small bit of praise for Pittsburgh, but he completely went overboard about the Colts. There lies Collinsworth's biggest fault as an announcer : he almost always picks one side in a game and goes on....and on....and on...and on...and on about that team. I think thats why he p*sses off so many people.
I won't complain too much because he's done it FOR us in the past, but he certainly didn't last night.
And here's just one example of many:
I can't remember who, but late in the 1st half one of the Colts OL was called for holding and he went on and on about how he was 'accidentally' pulled down and no way it should have been a penalty. Not too much longer, we had nearly the exact same play when one of our linemen accidentally "pulled" someone down and Collinsworth went on and on about how that was a deserved penalty. It was near the exact same play. and both were 'accidental'
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