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Default Re: Relax, we won

Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
I'm more concerned with the offense, I'll give you that, but this defense has issues too.

I witnissed a Curtis Painter lead offense drive to tie the game in the 4th quarter. That's dis-heartening....

They did score 7 points for the offense, so give the defense credit for that at least.....

Overall, the offense will kill this Steelers team this year, and the defense won't be good enough to make up for it. Just like Super Bowl 45.
I agree that the offense is an issue. But, this defense was the #1 defesne in the league last year. We spent butt-loads of money to keep them together. We got Smith back from injury. We signed a DL in the first round. Yet, we are still getting no pass rush. Making bone-headed coverage mistakes. And having issues against the run.

The offense boils down to the o-line. Fix that & we are fine. Not that it's that simple. I also think it wouldn't hurt to draft a speed RB. Mendy has been dancing too much (no holes?) and I love Redman, but we need a threat to get on the edge and run to daylight....a la Fast Willie.
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