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Default Re: Relax, we won

Originally Posted by SteeleReign View Post
Yeah, Ben should have taken off or thrown it away at that point. However, Gilbert needs to stick with his block until the whistle blows.
Especially when your quarterback rarely takes less than 6 seconds the throw.......yeah, blame that one on the lineman. lol.

He probably should've stuck to his block, but God Damn!, he handled one of the best ****ing DEs in the league. He's a rookie, how much more do you want from him?

I blame the 8 year $100 million franchize quarterback. He made a stupid decision. He should have known better. Ben needs to turn down the clock in his head when he has a rooking LT going up against a super star defensive end. If Ben isn't smart enough to figure that out on his own, his coaches need to tell him.
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