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Default Re: Why is it

Not a fantasy. If you want to pretend that the defense is fine you do that. Watch the game again. If Manning completes 50% of the missed throws by Collins/Painter we would have been playing catch-up - and it's no stretch to assume that.

Sure, our offense is looking pathetic too. But, I hold the defese in higher regard than the offense. I knew that our o-line would struggle, Ben would hold the ball too long, Mendy would dance around, and Arians would be Arians.

I didn't expect little to no pass rush by the LBs, little to no push by the DL, missed assignments by the DBs, lazy play by the D as a whole. And a complete disappearing act by Woodley.

Alll I'm saying is that the defensive play so far surprises & concerns me more.
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