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Default Re: Next weeks to-do list

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
We are getting a little too close to seeing Ben get a serious injury to the legs.

How's that 5 million Smith salary looking after last night's string of injuries and Smith getting absolutely owned once again?

As far as Rashard goes - IMHO he dances because his O-line doesn't give him squat to work with. His only good runs are when he has to bounce it back out.
The dancing Rashard does is ridiculas. He needs to run hard, there are (very) small creases available. Dancing like he's trying out for danicng with the stars loses 2 or 3 yards when he carries it. By contrast Redman hits it and if its no gain fine but he usually falls forward for at least a yard or two, which is better than losing 3.
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