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Originally Posted by jtbsteeler View Post
You're missing or dodging the point my friend. When Keisel comes back, Aaorn Smith should replace him on the bench.

There's alot of yapping coming from the NFL network about this defense being old, but its noticeably old at 2 or 3 spots. Aaron Smith is one of them.

Troy and Harrison have heard the criticism and they look like they've done a 180. Farrior and Smith are what they are right now.

Any doubt they're on their way to another All-Pro season? troy's on his game. If he wouldve tackled Addai instead of whiffing at the ball his performance last night wouldve be in his top 5.

I'm not dodging or missing squat, people are just spewing crap. Since you missed it we don't know if the Steelers asked to renegotiate the contract. Saying otherwise is just garbage.

Troy and HArrison have heard the criticism? WTF is that? Who;s ass did you pull that from?
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