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Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
I'm not sugar coating anything. THe simple fact is at least half the stuff the sky is falling crowd spews is absolute garbage. Our offense has given the ball away 10 times in 3 games and 13 times in the last 4. You can't blame the defense when they're constantly asked to defend a 10 yard field. When's the last time you heard of a team winning after turning the ball over 7 times? What's the W/L percentage when turning the ball over 3 times in a game?
Listen. I hear what you're saying. We are basically fighting over which smells worse, cat shi! or dog shit!. They both stink.

My point is that I'm more disappointed in the D because I expected more from them. The offensive issues are no surprise to me. I expected what we've gotten so far...well, except for 7 TOs at B-more.
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