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Default Re: Actually Bruce Arians didnt call that bad of a game

I was particularly impressed with all of those 1 yard gains up the gut on first down. I thought it was hilarious when Dungy [ who I respect] said the Steelers still had to establish the run. The Steelers running game really hasnt been much to talk about for a few years. I know that so many critcise Mendenhall for dancing around to much, but bottom line there usually is not anywhere for him to go. Where has the old fashioned pitch out disappeared to? Are defenses considered to fast now days for it to be effective? Ben over the years has proven to be good rolling out, why dont we see some of that? I know that there is much about the intricasies of football I may not know, but even with this offensive line, I think a good o/c would find ways to make it work with all of the talent available.
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