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Default Re: Relax, we won

Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
21 points off 3 turnovers and a missed field goal

Why am I not surprised that you would overlook that? You've already made it abundantly clear that in your world turnovers by the offense have no bearing on the games outcome.
Not what I'm saying. The Steelers on offense have been essentially the same for about 3 years. Big Ben running for his life, making some key plays & a handful of boneheaded mistakes. But, that's what we have. We've known it for 3 years & not much was done to change it in the offseason. Why would you expect any different?

On the other hand, we spents MILLIONS of dollars to keep our defense intact. That defense has played very poorly this year so far. They are not what we expected from them. Timmons? Absent. Woodley? Absent. Farrior? Absent. Foote? Absent. Aaron Smith? Absent. Keisel? Absent. Ziggy? Absent. Worilds? Who knows? Gay? Mostly absent. McFadden? Absent. Polamalu & Ike are the only players that have been consistent for the last two games. Harrison came on a bit against Seattle & played well yesterday.

The Steelers can't beat teams with good o-line's and QBs if we play like we did yesterday.
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