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Default Re: Relax, we won

Originally Posted by SteeleReign View Post
Nope. Not every QB - just the good one' know, the kind that made our defense look silly in the Super Bowl. Of course, I guess that was on the offense too?
Right, Rodgers and Brady beat us passing, almost every other QB doesn't.

As to Ben being the one still delivering in the end and winning the game even though he's running around, that can't keep happening. He has some great receivers and a great TE, this line is so bad though that Ben is going to go downhill unless they do something about it. As mentioned, he already has to look at the edges of the line instead of down field, that will turn into many interceptions throughout the season. Also always getting blindsided and fumbling will frustrate him and make him lose his confidence. He will always be good on the run, that's just him, but he will not keep playing as well as he did last season and as well as he did last night (with the exception of the interception) if he's in constant panic. More mistakes will be made and the season could potentially get out of hand. Not having a running game doesn't help either, although I think Mendenhall is stuttering too much in the backfield, he did well at the end of last year and has shown he can be a good RB, I think the majority of the poor running game is on the O line too. This might be the only team that no matter how many good players they have, the O line is so bad that they end up losing because of it. Ultimately throughout the course of a season, if Ben has to deal with this nonsense every game, it will not even be physically possible for him to continue to perform, it won't happen. Gilbert looked good, we need to keep Legursky out and sign Flozell.
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