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Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Well some people have it figured out, just pull Ben from the game and our problem is solved. Just put Rogers or Brady or Brees back there and our offensive woes are over. Oh my bad, we dont have those QBs. We have who we have, if you think his history of carrying this team at times is over then just hide and watch, this season is just getting started. Some of you guys I believe secretly root for a bad start so you can bash a player or Coach.
I get a little weary of all the Big Ben-bashers too. Sure, he does some stupid shi!. But given state of our o-line during most of his tenure, most other QBs would be dead by now.

On the other hand, maybe that's why our FO has been so complacent about drafting O-line. They know Ben has the knack for avoiding the rush & making plays. I'd just love to see what he could do with the time that Brady has to throw.
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