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Default Re: Steelers have nowhere to run

Originally Posted by Goldsteel86 View Post
I spent last night watching a game and seeing a Steeler team that cannot run the football. The Chief is probably mortified, when have the Steelers not had a decent running game. I think Mendenhall is gun shy, after Ray-Ray hit him and put him out for the season his rookie year he seems afraid to run with aggression. If you take a look when Nata (SP?) blew through the line and hit him the first game of the season, Mendenhall's eyes said it all. I truly believe your line plays to quality, what I mean by that is you want to block for someone that is going to run with 100% percent passion, like their hair is on fire. If you think about it, the Steelers of old NEVER abandoned the run, the Steelers of today abandon the run in a heartbeat, IMO it is time to get back to basics, its time to get back to Steeler football, use the run to open up the pass, not vice versa!
Rashard was running just fine last year, with the Lewis hit even fresher in his memory, so I think we can put that theory to rest. He's steadily added more moves to his repertoire over the years, but they're not helping, only hurting. They all seem to be flourish, with no substance to them. He's getting in his own way, probably thinking too much.
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