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Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Sooooo - anyone feel better about our chances against Patriots? Looking very beatable all of a sudden because they are getting utterly scored on.
I have faith in this team, that they can pull it together and start playing Steelers football. Right now though, seeing what I saw last night, we won't beat anybody, maybe some bottom feeders. We might have a better chance with our defense vs their offense then last game IF our defense is playing how they were that time last year simply because we should know what to look for. But the problem is we will have to score still, and with this O line we can't. No running game, which I put 75% on the O line, and zero time. We have one of the best QB's in the league, one of the best TE's in football and maybe the best receiving corps in football and we still struggle passing because of this line. Without the line "patched up" I don't see us beating any quality team, and I think we are a long way from beating a top team. I say patched up because I think we can get the line good enough with just adding one more player, Adams. We have a great center, Gilbert looks like he's going to play well, our guards (Kemo and Foster, not Legursky) aren't great but we can get by with them, we just need a good blindside tackle and we can win correctly again. It won't be a great line by any means, but we've one with lines similar to the quality of the line I described.
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