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Default Re: Collinsworth-less...Worse annoucer ever

John Gruden is worse than all of them.

THIS GUY... let me tell ya about this guy right here. THIS GUY John Beck... yeah, you've probably never heard of him and he's never done anything significant in his entire career but make sure the bench stays nice and warm with his glutes and get passed around from team to team like a cheap hooker with a crack problem... but THIS GUY has been lighting it up in the preseason here. Let me tell ya Jaws, this guy is the guy who will one day be the guy that could maybe lead these guys to a championship someday and then all of Washington will be hailing this other guy Shanahan as a genius for naming this guy Beck the starter. I'll tell ya, I'm on the John Beck bandwagon. This guy has what it takes. Look for him to start in Week 1 over Grossman.
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