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Default Re: Actually Bruce Arians didnt call that bad of a game

This excerpt from an article in the Post-Gazette today on the woes of the running game indicates someone was not thrilled with the play calling Sunday night

One source on the team said the run calls against the Colts looked nothing like the ones they practiced the week leading up to the game.

If there is no improvemnt in Texas I look for more anonymous sniping to the media about the offensive woes

Bouchette's article also confirmed my recollection Redman was not used until late in the game

The Steelers did not use Isaac Redman to spot Mendenhall against the Colts as they did in their previous two games. He had his most significant playing time on the final drive, when the Steelers moved 60 yards for the winning 38-yard field goal.

My bet is we see significantly more time for Redman in Houston
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