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Default Re: Benís style? O-lineís Weakness?

Originally Posted by NEWstevo View Post
Big Ben is a very prolific passer in the pocket and when he has time, he can pick apart a defense like a Brady or Manning.
He can be a prolific passer in the right conditions, but he absolutely cannot pick apart a defense like Brady or Manning on a consistent basis. The only way one can conlude he can is by making excuses.

But unlike most quarterbacks he gets “better” when he is forced to adlib and extend the play.
Who cares?

He has a great talent at ad-libbing during a football game, but ad-libbing doesn't make for an efficient offense in the NFL. Especially considering defenses have seemed to learn how to handle Ben.

The obvious down side to adlibbing is that only HE knows what he’s is going to do, where he is going to run, when he is going to pass etc… and that makes it pretty hard to protect him. When the play called said Ben’s gonna go right, the tackle goes right, and yet Ben goes left, guess what happens? Either a TD to Wallace or some 300lb+ end leaves tire marks on #7.
So essentially, we're playing the lottery......

Brady sits back there and paints his nails while his receivers run across the field in front of him. Then dink-dunk, the Patriots have 4 touchdowns.
He dinks and dunks down the field and scores TDs in the red-zone. As long as my team scores a TD, I'm happy.

Ben's offense is consistently in the bottom/middle in the red-zone, compared to other offenses. Blame Arians if you want, go ahead. Ben apologists have shown great logicall flexibility in making their excuses.

How many times have we all said: [I]“Man, what if Ben had that much time to throw?” “Can you imagine if Ben had a great offensive line like the Patriots?” “What if Noll had just drafted Marino?”
Why play the "What if......" game? Ben doesn't have a great offensive line like Brady has consistently had. Ben would certainly benefit from a better one. But,

As Mike Tomlin says: "It is what it is......."

So, instead of playing the hypothetical, let's just evaluate how he handles his situation.

I personally think he handles it pretty well.

Essentially he runs the Mike Martz offense. A bunch of 5 and 7 step drops looking for a big play off of long routes which take some time to develop. Admittedly, this offense doesn't mesh welll with a poor offensive line. Overall, in my opinion, this offense just isn't effecient in general. It requires too much physical talent from WRs, too much talent from the o-line. It also requires a physicall gifted quarterback who can hang in the pocket and make deep throws down the field. But, the quarterback doesn't really need much smarts, compared to what it takes to run the west coast system.

The above system is the only system in which Ben would succeed. I think he does pretty well at it. Out of all the people who've run such an offense, he's probably in the top 10 of all time.

Nevertheless, this offense generally sucks. Mike Martz has been fired a million times. Arains only has a job because Dick Lebeau carred his offense to 3 Super Bowls. This is a 90's offense in 2011. I could personally care less how good Ben runs it; I'd still rather have a smart quarterback capable of running an efficient system. And I would definitely prefer a quarterback who can get TDs in the redzone consistently to one who could chuck it deep.

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