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Default Re: Ben’s style? O-line’s Weakness?

Originally Posted by NEWstevo View Post
Age old question.

Big Ben is a very prolific passer in the pocket and when he has time, he can pick apart a defense like a Brady or Manning. But unlike most quarterbacks he gets “better” when he is forced to adlib and extend the play.

The obvious down side to adlibbing is that only HE knows what he’s is going to do, where he is going to run, when he is going to pass etc… and that makes it pretty hard to protect him. When the play called said Ben’s gonna go right, the tackle goes right, and yet Ben goes left, guess what happens? Either a TD to Wallace or some 300lb+ end leaves tire marks on #7.

Brady sits back there and paints his nails while his receivers run across the field in front of him. Then dink-dunk, the Patriots have 4 touchdowns.

How many times have we all said: “Man, what if Ben had that much time to throw?” “Can you imagine if Ben had a great offensive line like the Patriots?” “What if Noll had just drafted Marino?”

So my question is this: Is it Ben Roethlisberger’s style to scramble that gets him sacked and beat up? Or is the Steelers’ offensive line just one of the worst in football?

The answer is both. And what’s worse, is that both factors actually INCREASE the other. So as long as Ben plays QB in the ‘Burgh, nothing will change… except the amount of sacks he takes and the amount of rings on his fingers (plural).

I'm just glad he is the toughest QB in football. Oh, and that now he is married too (haha, it's ok to make that joke, right?).

Go Steelers!

I absolutely agree with this!

The way Ben likes to play, I don't think there really IS a perfect O-line for him (unless they start installing side and rear-view mirrors on lineman's helmets).

That said, I DO think the line play could be more consistent so I'm not giving them a pass, but there's a lot of truth to the fact that Ben often causes the problems we see as "bad protection".

Unfortunately, there really is no solution to this problem.
Making Ben a pocket-passer would ruin his style of play (look at what Philly is trying to do with Vick), but letting him run around kills any continuity on the O-line.

A possible solution might be a lighter O-line which would allow them to run around more without getting too gassed, but that would pretty much take away any chance of any "Power" running game.

Seems like a "West Coast" style would be more in order (which I've been saying ought to be done for years), but then the whole macho "Steeler Football" mythos would have to be shelved.

Frankly, I'd rather the Steelers went in a more West Coast direction, but as long as everyone still thinks Joe Greene is going to come trotting out onto the field, that's not gonna happen.

That's a shame because Ben is much more suited to a West Coast game than he is for "Steeler Football".
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