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Default Re: Benís style? O-lineís Weakness?

Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
We don't even have a "Steeler Offense" in my opinion. If we want one, we should go get Shanahan. This offense doesn't revolve around running the ball at all. Arians only calls runs because he ought to, not because he wants to. He doesn't want to get yelled at. Running the ball is not a priority. Arian's sole priority throwing deep. It's almost like watching the Raiders in the 70's.
Well, part of that problem ( a big part) is that we've never tried to replace Bettis.

We got Parker who was more of a Barry Sanders style runner and we tried to turn him into Jerome and we've done that with every back we've had since.

Jerome was one of a kind.

Fully dressed for a game, I'd bet that Jerome actually measured almost four feet from shoulder pad to shoulder pad AND he had extremely powerful legs.
His running style was shoulder down, hit a gap (it didn't have to be a hole) and push.

He'd actually spread the guard and the tackle or the guard and the center apart and he's come popping out the other side like a watermelon pit and then tumble forward for three or four yards.
And if he actually hit a hole and could run, he couldn't be tackled. Tackling Jerome was like trying to tackle a Volkswagen Beetle -- there was nothing to grab because everything was so round.
I used to call him a "260 lb. cage ball with legs".

But Parker, Mendy and even Redman and Moore are NOT Jerome and never will be, yet we still try to make them plow through the line like Bettis and they simply aren't built for it.
If we really wanted to replace Bettis, we should have grabbed Mike Tolbert.
Tolbert is Bettis' twin.
He's built the same way, has strong legs and in uniform he looks exactly like Jerome.
In fact, if you put him in Jerome's jersey and sent him onto the field, people would swear that Jerome came out of retirement.

Parker was more suited to a West Coast / off-tackle running game than he EVER would be for an up-the-middle running game and he ended up doing the same thing that Mendy is doing now; waiting for a hole to open up and ultimately getting hammered behind the line.

I don't really care if we stay with "Steeler Football" or go West Coast, but I just wish we'd pick SOMETHING and stay with it.

If we stay with the power running game, then we need a tailback like Bettis and a solid fullback.
If we go West Coast, then we could probably keep the backs we have now, but we'd have to lighten up the O-line a bit and make them more mobile.

All I know is that whatever we have now isn't working, it's just getting a lot of people hurt and that's not good.
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