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Comparing Moore's couple runs at the end of the game to what Mendy wasn't able to do is not apples to oranges: When Arians was pounding Mendy into the wall of Colts it was in situations where the Colts were keying on the run more times than not. When Moore had a couple ok runs, the Colts were in a different alignment and were expecting more passing. Blaming Mendy for his performance is only half the story: when he did have and hit a hole there ALWAYS (with the exception of 1 run) someone there to meet him (Angerer a couple times). Often he got swarmed under...

I think the reason he dances so much is that not only the hole aren't there, he has no confidence in the O-Line that they will be there. In the schemes the Steelers use, they do a lot of "timing" plays where the block occur right before the back is supposed to be there: they have to have time to develop. With our patchwork OL, that isn't happening. Mendy just has no confidence they will happen and he feels he has to "wait" to see if something develops... Like FanFrom 72 stated, he's thinking about it now instead of trusting it will be there...

IMO, not many backs not named Bettis or Campbell could consistently do crap with the schemes Arians runs behind that OL. And now I hear that we didn't use the run schemes they prepared for, perhaps due to injuries...
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