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Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
I dont see how anybody can say Mendy sucks, he hasnt been impressive these first 3 games, but he played well last year and has had some great games and great runs. He has shown he can be a great back. The line is horrible and they get pushed back on a lot of run plays, thats why he is dancing in the backfield. I agree that given the condition of the line Mendy has to lower the shoulder and just get what he can, and I agree Redman is a better back at that, but Mendenhall is a playmaker and we cant just abandon that. I think we need to mix it up, Redman has proven himself IMO, but I dont think we should just overlook the big run capability and previous great games that Mendy has/had already.
So it's the offensive line's fault......big surprise there.......

What about the national debt, should we blame that on offensive line' as well? lol

Last year Mendenhall wasn't as good as it seemed, either. He averaged less than 4 yards per carry. He racked up the yards, but when's the last time a RB got 300+ carries and didn't get a G?
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