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Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
The Steelers will keep Wallace. Mendenhall is doing his best to get out of Pittsburgh.
Wallace is not coming back. People need to disabuse themselves from that illusion. That doesn't mean Mendenhall is a lock to come back either, though. The recent spending spree could spell trouble for us in lots of ways.

That said, I like Rashard. I think he has all the talent in the world, I also think he would thrive in a more "traditional" offense (i.e., one not operated by Bruce Arians). Despite that - and our god-awful line - he is just a few months removed from a 1300 yd/13 TD season, which is not bad. Physically, he's a near perfect blend of speed and power. Nothing should be holding him back.

He needs to stop the dancing. Pure and simple. I refuse to believe that Dick Hoak would have tolerated this for one second, let alone three games. The coaches need to straighten him out. Another well-timed benching from Tomlin could do wonders for him in the long run.
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