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Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
I didn't.....

The then eagles, saints, patriots, giants don't compare to the colts, the seahawks. Big difference.

im sure the saints thought there was a big difference as well, right before the seahawks bounced them from the playoffs 4 games ago.

Well, you have established we could make the Super Bowl. Mathmatically, we haven't been eliminated, so you're correct.

Is it likley? No.

when was the last time it was considered "likely" that the steelers would reach the superbowl? 06 and 09? past records indicate its not likely that the packers, patriots, jets, saints, chargers, ravens, etc reach it, as well.

Throwing for yards is meaningless, and a overrated a statistic in football.

Teams throw the ball to score points, not to rack up yards. Brady, Brees, Stafford haven't just thrown for yards, they've thrown for points. For all of those yards, the Steelers don't have many points to show for it.

throwing for yards cant be meaningless if teams throw the ball to score points. wallace had the longest touchdown of his career last sunday. how is that any more meaningless than the 2 yard td he caught the week before?

Championship caliber with the right pieces in place, namely a dominant defense. I don't see a dominant defense.

They could change some things around, I guess. We'll see.

of course youre not gonna see a dominant defense. you cant even recognize their defensive stats. all stats to you are meaningless. i saw 2 defensive mvp's ( one being 1 of the most dominant defenders since reggie white, d. sanders, and lawrence talor on sunday

I'm sorry, I don't believe that. This offense is designed for Ben to throw as many TD passes as he can. Apparently, he can only throw 3 in 3 games.
you believe some really strange stuff then. manning and bradys offens is designed to throw as many td's as possible.

bens offense is (and has always been) designed to get a 14-21 point lead and then take the air out of the ball.

i guess i really dont care if you believe it, but it would bug me if other people bought this spew. the proof is in the pudding, and the facts are undeniable.

do the research. how many times has ben thrown for more than 3 td's in a game during his 8 year career? i can count 1 off hand (5td's vs ravens in 1st half). what happened in the 2nd half? ben had 3 throws. the steelers turtle shell'd it.

he mighta had 4 vs green bay.

they take their foot off the throttle (unlike offenses designed to let the qb throw for as many ts's as possible). it almost cost us a playoff win in indy in 05.

take a look at every game where ben has had a 140.0-158.3 passer rating. off hand, im quickly thinking of vs titans and texans in 05 and vs chiefs in o6. they build a sizable lead and then the 2nd half is comprised of 5 possessions of run-run-run-punt.

of course i'm exaggerating a bit, but anyone who follows the steelers knows thats exactly how their offense is, and has been dating back to cowher.

and why wouldnt it be? cowher only had an elite qb for the 1st 3 years of bens career, and he never lost a game using that philosophy with a 10 point lead. he was like
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