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Default Re: Enough Is Enough: Offense Needs New Gameplan

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
It may not be my favorite offensive coordinator who is to blame

This from Ed.B. of the P-G in his online chat today

Mike Tomlin said something interesting today that we all should have picked up on. He said many times the QB is given an option of plays and he calls them at the line. Maybe he's calling the wrong ones at times, and not BA. I wrote today that many of the run plays that were called were not the ones they practiced last week.

Given my view of Arians, i could see Arians anonymously telling Ed.B. that the running plays were not what was practiced and throwing Ben under the bus.
Maybe so, but that can also tell me that Ben doesn't respect B.A. any more than us fans. And that is a concern. Even though Ben was younger, he never would have done that with Whiz running the O.
Time is for a OC that can adjust to what the D is giving us, andfor the type of team we have, a team that still needs to run the ball, we need an OC that likes using pure fullbacks from time to time. We haven't had one since Krieder, D.J can't block. There is a dman good FB that was let go by Miami, Lousaka Polite. He would be a welcome addition here, IMO, and let go of D.J.
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