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Default Re: If the Steelers only had a heart?

Like history has shown? What a great observation! Not even sure what history has shown other than you play us like it is your Super Bowl and you'll choke again when your season is on the line.

Way to have an amateur letdown v Hasselhoff in Tennessee and then act tough against a hapless St. Louis team.

Funny - live in Maryland and after you guys lose you 1 game the purple disappears then reappears the next week. Biggest bunch of bandwagon fans I've ever seen. Of course - if I had to inherit a team from Cleveland and watch the Indianapolis Colts take my team's history I'd be pretty wishy-washy about my team too.

Go ahead, I'm waiting for the unimaginative "Rapistberger" or "Pittsburgh's fan base, including their cheerleaders, have missing teeth, wha, wha, what YOU'RE JEALOUS?"

Why don't you go back to what Baltimore does best - child killings and housing projects.

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