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Default Re: Collinsworth-less...Worse annoucer ever

Originally Posted by Baltimore Ravens Fan View Post
Where did I say Ray Lewis was better than Ben because he "learned his lesson", I said AT LEAST HE DID. I said I don't need to post on this forum, not that I wasn't going to (because I'd already proven you guys wrong) and here is the link to the database, you can look at it for yourself.

And this forum doesn't suck for a Steelers fan, but reading it from my perspective I just can't help but laugh at all of the delusional, sense of entitlement, smugness and idiotic things that happen on this forum. Once again, I was attacked for asking if Merril Hoge was the best analyst to a Steelers' fan.

Please, get your facts straight and go back to liking the Carolina Panthers, you bandwagoner.
You didn't prove us wrong ya filthy ratbird fan. You sound like an alcoholic ... "I can stop anytime, but don't want to.".
So you call that a "database"? Well here's my evidence (video) that Ray Lewis is, in fact, a scumbag:
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