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Default Re: Actually Bruce Arians didnt call that bad of a game

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
Wrong, wrong wrong. He called a horrid game. My buddy and I were screaming at him to quit running the ball up the gut on first down EVERY TIME. It was absolutely pathetic. Mendy needs to get out on the edges. He is not a straight up the gut kind of player. Granted our Oline SUCKS, but where the heck are the short passing routes that every team in the league uses, the screens and mixing it up a little bit? 1 or 2 yards on first down, a missed pass on second down and third and long almost every single time. I can't believe how many times it was third and eight. Sorry, but that is absolutely stupid coaching.
You see thats where I disagree strongly with just about everyone. A great run is 10+ yards. 90% of Mendenhall's great runs come between the tackles. Most of his losses come when the play is designed for him to hit the 7 or 8.

Mendenhall would be spoken in the same breath with AP as long as he consistently got (ONE!) second level block. Mendy will do the rest as he has proven. Open space in the middle of the field is hands down where he does his best work.

And if I hear any more bullshit about trading him Im going to flip! He is the reason Ben is alive! He is the reason Redman consistently does a good job running, and believe it or not he makes the offensive line look much better than it is!
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