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Default Re: Mendy?

How about we do what we did the latter part of last year and line Redman up as a fullback and give him 25- 40% of the carries. I know its wishful thinking because Bruce Arians has a cream dream for the passing game and thinks an average receiver is ALWAYS a better playmaker than a good runningback. One of these days he it will dawn on him that the "game is won in trenches" cliches are founded on some sort of truth... But until then we will only run the ball when necessary.

Im going to admit something now that not many people know. I became a Steelers fan because the offense was brutal and effective. Not only could they beat you up on defense, they could knock you on your ass in the offense. Dan Kreider was the driving force in this attack. Now that Whisenhunt has proven himself an average head coach can we take him back at OC? Im sure he misses being in contention for one of those shiny rings!
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