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Default Re: Collinsworth-less...Worse annoucer ever

Originally Posted by caplovestroyp43 View Post
Hey you stupid a sshat, Ben wasn't convicted either! So you need to take the innocent until proven guilty with him too.

Oh I forgot. Rat fans can't do that. Go the hell away. This was a conversation about announcers. Not taking cheap shots at our players.

SC Mom or about the banned button? I think this a sshole deserves it!!
You're a dumbass, if you read through the thread you'd realize I was talking about announcers, then someone took a shot at the Ravens' players. I think it's fair I can do the same, right?

Also, if you read the entire thread you'd know that I don't give a shit who was convicted for anything, Ben and Ray are innocent as far as I am concerned. I was just stating that more Steelers players have been ARRESTED since 2000 than Ravens players, so calling the Ravens "thuggish" is just stupid.
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