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Default Re: Collinsworth-less...Worse annoucer ever

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
I think Collinsworth is very knowledgeable, When it was Aikman, Buck and Collinsworth I think they were the best in the game. Matt Millen is the worst IMO, Dierdorf is tough to listen to as well. Then again I like Sims and Nance. Its all a matter of who makes you the least nauseous. I don't judge them by how much they like the Steelers though.
Legit fan right here, can't look at how they feel about your favorite team (although it's hard not to, sometimes) and just see if they're knowledgeable and informative. John Gruden on the other hand is knowledgeable and informative, but doesn't know how to stop talking. I think he loves to hear his own voice.
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