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Default Re: Mendy?

I'll give Mendy a pass on the tweet. Regardless of intentions, before a player tweets something - he needs to ask the question: "Is what I'm sending out there open to misinterpretation? Is this going to open me open to criticism by anyone?" If the answer is yes - just don't do it. You aren't getting paid to preach morality.

I can't sit here and say and believe Mendy feels like Bin Laden wasn't responsible at all or that it didn't affect people's lives or the country - people haven't paid the ultimate sacrifice because of the event, etc. etc., The guy doesn't deserve to die bla,bla,bla. My interpretation is that maybe he thought - "Let's be the better people and not celebrate death like some other groups do - no matter who it is." Dumb comment? Yes - because it was open to misinterpretation.

That said, my feelings are that Mendy will go the way of Parker (although I would argue Parker didn't have AS bad a line and some plays were designed for him to get him around the side or in open space - much what Mendy needs IMHO.

I agree with those that said it seems that he is thinking way too much instead of just hitting it and at least falling forward - he is at least 1/3 to blame for getting stuffed 2 to 3 yards behind the line. The other 33% is protection, the other 33% is play calling. I think the line and Mendy will bounce back and progress as the season goes on. If we win against Houston and the protection, running game struggles again - just imagine where we can go if they improve . . .

Glass is half full for this season (Although - I don't see us being able to keep Mendy and Wallace. Phew - if Wallace keeps pace we are gonna have to pay the man at least top 5 ((maybe top 3 or top top money - especially if he makes a mark in winning another SB))
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