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Default Re: Tomlin: Unwavering or Stubborn?

Thanks everyone for the great discussion. It seems that some folks defend J. Scott in the name of "being a good Steelers fan", while others feel like me, he sucks. Again, I'm not taking any personal shots at the guy, I just don't think he's an NFL caliber tackle and has no business starting.

Most people feel like Tomlin is doing the right thing by not publicly addressing the issue and sticking behind the guy that he deemed to be the starter from the beginning of the year. A class move for sure, but somewhat hollow because we all know that he knows how bad the situation is.

Allow me to put a different spin on it: What if all this class is actually hurting the team? I mean, every coach says "We'll put the best 11 on the field". Obviously, J Scott would not be included in that group of 11 on any NFL roster, not even ours, yet he starts. Is Tomlin hurting the team by not trying to improve it in the name of "Having a players back" or "Being a players coach"? My opinion is that if you can improve your chances of winning by putting a better player on the field who's not going to consistently force Ben to look like a drunken buffoon trying to dodge traffic, you should do it. Make no mistakes about it, if Ben goes down, the season is over. He needs more protection and putting a better player on the field should be the teams top priority.

I know left tackles don't go on trees, but in my humble opinion, we may have better players already on our roster (Gilbert, Essex) and potentially better players not signed (Starks, Adams). What do you guys think?
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