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Default Re: Tomlin: Unwavering or Stubborn?

I think you have boiled it down nicely

As Steelers fans - we applaud Tomlin for not throwing him under the bus, can give Scott somewhat of a pass because we made it to the show last year and have won twice in a row - BUT

We realize that there is a decent chance that at the current rate Ben's season could be in jeopardy and something needs to be rectified at the blindside.

Now - we can move things around and put Essex in there but I think Ed and Tomlin have told us that "the ship has sailed" on Starks and Adams and we are going to compete with the guys that are already in house.

We need to hope that Scott is going to improve, Essex comes in instead, or we see Miller/Ward staying in more often for extra protection.

As Tomlin has said "This is the bed we made and now we are going to lay in it."

Overall - I don't think as fans we are going to get the perfect situation we want (and that means a complete upgrade at the blindside) so eventually, we gotta hope the Ws keep coming and just roll with it. And yea - if Ben is seriously injured, I'm sure we'll have a season full of P'offed comments and what if this and what if that. Gotta hope the coaching staff gets them ready to meet this challenge and the o-line has some consistency and chance to get some chemistry.

I'll go back to last season - even though we had Pouncey and Adams - our line was pretty dang shakey and got very, very good towards the end (i.e. - ground and pounded the hell out of the Jets in AFC champ game) THAT is where our goal should be. If we can get anywhere near that level we should be in good shape - at least good enough to get some respect for the threat of the run
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