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Default Re: Benís style? O-lineís Weakness?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
This is where I'd like to see some "tale of the tape" and by that I mean taking similar plays by Brady/Manning and putting them up against a similar play by Roethlisberger and seeing where they are different in

1. Reading the defense before snap
2. Reading defense post snap (progressions, pump fakes, etc)
3. Protection
4. Timing and delivery mechanics
I have equal interest. I would love to see that.

Now, all that said - IMHO - Brady would not be able to make the same unorthodox plays Ben makes when the play breaks down. When receivers are covered, receivers are covered and Brady all of a sudden is very pedestrian against pressure where Ben tends to thrive when flushed.
There's two different kinds of pressure: pressure from offensive line breaking down, and pressure created artifically from blitzes.

Brady is absolutely the best quarterback I've ever seen against the blitz; which explains why he does so well against Pittsburgh. Ben doesn't impress me against blitzes, on the other hand.

However, Ben does well with probably the most porous line by using his brute. We have yet to see Brady play behind such a bad o-line. I think it's safe to say Brady would handle the situation differently than Ben by getting rid of the ball more quickly. Brady uses his brain, Ben uses his brawn.

Would Brady do better than Ben in the same system? Who knows. That's what makes in interesting and fun to talk about.

And let's be fair, Brady has played behind the greatest coach of all time. Ben has had a pretty mediocre OC most of his career. Without Belichick, Brady would never have gotten so good.

Then again, Belicheck couldn't have turned just anybody into such a good quarterback. So while it's unfair, at the same time, you can't really take anything away from Brady either. Right place, right time; the stars alligned with Brady and Belicheck.
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