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Default Re: Timmons & Woodley - Big Money/Few Big Plays

Originally Posted by BKAnthem View Post
iN 3-4 Defenses...if the DL don't hold the line the lb.'s suffer for it...I remember when the ravens DL when through the same thing and R.Lewis turned into waldo doing an invisible man unless things stabilize up front which means Tomlin and mitchell have to stop being Stubborn and line up Heyward and Hood Next to Snack.....Heyward isn't going to get better watching from the sidelines, you can't imagine what it feels like to get chop blocked you have to experience it...... Play the kids..this is why they were drafted #1 right?
I agree to an extent. I think a rotation of Hood/Heyward/Keisel would be best. Keisel still has a place in this defense. Smith, not so much.
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