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Default Re: Can anyone possibly be worse than Jon "Rollerscates" scott?

On Dwight Freeney’s strip sack and ensuing touchdown return by Jamaal Anderson wasn’t Jonathan Scott’s fault.

Nope, it was Big Ben and Mike Wallace ‘living by the sword and dying by the sword.’

Rewind back to the third offensive play of the game for the Steelers – a 29-yard catch-and-run by Wallace. Cornerback Jerraud Powers jumped the route, but was late getting to the quick throw from Roethlisberger to Wallace that resulted in a big gain.

Don’t think Roethlisberger and Wallace didn’t notice either that Powers jumped the route.

So when the same play was called late in the first half with the near identical formation other than a third receiver in the game rather than a second tight end, Roethlisberger and Wallace did their own little thing and decided not to let anybody else in on it – well, at least that’s what the films says.

The play was supposed to be another quick-hitter to Wallace, but they decided to fake that and go deep. More like it, it was probably something that was discussed between Roethlisberger, Arians and Wallace sometime during the first half.

In theory, it was a good idea.

In reality, it was a disaster.

First of all, Scott is setting for a two-step drop and a quick throw by Roethlisberger. Scott was in perfect position with his inside protected well for where he thought Roethlisberger was going to be vulnerable.

When Roethlisberger decided to take a couple more steps back, Scott was instantly out of position and Freeney had a free run at him.

What makes this play so intriguing is that even if Roethlisberger would’ve gotten the ball away to Wallace, it would’ve come back.

Guard Chris Kemoeatu was 10 yards down the field going over a linebacker – exactly where he was supposed to be because it was supposed to be such a quick throw. Also, Heath Miller and Hines Ward were already blocking down field.

It just goes to show you that even though the replay appears that Scott was absolutely whipped by Freeney on the play, all the blame really needs to go to the quarterback.
And another:

Gerry: Don't blame Scott for Colts TD

Left tackle Jonathan Scott has been taking all the blame for the sack by Colts DE Dwight Freeney that resulted in a 47-yard fumble return for touchdown.

But I found out today from some of the players that the sack was not Scott's fault. Rather, it was the fault of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

The play in question -- second-and-10 at the Colts 42 in the second quarter – was supposed to be a draw with a quick-pass option. Scott took a short drop-step on Freeney because that is what he is supposed to do on a draw play -- let Freeney get upfield to the outside so he runs himself out of the play.

Left guard Chris Kemoeatu was also blocking downfield on the play, another indication it was a running play.

Roethlisberger has the option to throw on that play, based on the defense, but it is supposed to use a quick, three-step drop to get rid of the ball before the pressure arrives. Instead, he took a five-step drop, allowing Freeney enough time to hit him from behind, forcing a fumble that Jamaal Anderson returned for a touchdown to tie the score at 10-10.

Don’t blame Scott for the turnover. He was only doing what he was supposed to do.
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