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Default Re: Benís style? O-lineís Weakness?

Then again, Belicheck couldn't have turned just anybody into such a good quarterback. So while it's unfair, at the same time, you can't really take anything away from Brady either. Right place, right time; the stars alligned with Brady and Belicheck.

But he did turn just anybody into a good qb. He took a nobody , 6th round draft pick, who was as pitiful looking an athlete as you will find and turned him into the most over rated qb of all time. That offense has always been about the dink and dunk, and dont bring up the Moss years, in the final analysis it was still the dink and dunk that was the bread and butter than also. And if you want to run that offense he is the man for you. I honestly believe that a great many qbs if given the opportunity to learn and grow with the same system as brady has been, thay would be wildly successful also.
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